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Flamingo Bow Set

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Unique handmade, Flamingo Bow Set. 

These bows are in a set of two and are perfect any occasion.These bows are suitable for children and adults. This set comes with three different sized bows one large, one medium and one small. all three of these bows are made from fabric felt and are all layered. The largest bow is a three layered bow with a pink flamingo fabric. this bow also has an embellishment of a pink flamingo in the centre. The medium sized bow is a two layered bow with two different types of fabric felt on with flamingos on and one with glittered fabric felt. the smallest bow is also two layered and has two different fabrics one is flamingo fabric and another  with a dark pink suede. These bows also have a silver barrette clip on the back. 

The large bow is  5 and 1/2 inches or 14 cm Aprox

The medium bow is 4 and 1/2  inches or 11cm Aprox

The smallest bow is 3 and 1/2  inches or 8  cm Aprox 

I would recommend caution with small children as these bows contain small parts.