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Binky Boo's

Binky Boo's

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What could be cuter than a Binky Boo?? Only more than more of course 
Each of our little Binky boos are lovingly hand stitched from felts and fabrics Made to order so you can choose any colour combination and have as much or as little embellishment as you'd like or even add a name

Each cute little Binky is 4 inches tall approx depending on your choice 

Chose from one of the originals cute rabbit, fab fox, lovely bear or cute kitten, one of our exclusive designs or a custom made one 

You could even chose to have one of the originals but in a larger 8-10 inch size 

Each on can be mounted on a wooden base or have a ribbon for hanging  


THESE ARE NOT TOYS! These collectibles items so I would not recommend them for small children as they contain small parts such as beads and buttons. These are predominantly made as decorative items and should be handled with care as they are hand sewn.